Sunghun Park(박 성헌)
Personal Information Professor
Department of  Management Information Systems 
Myongji University

Seodaimoon-gu Namgaja-dong 50-3
Seoul, Korea

Tel : +82-2-300-0771(Office)

E-Mail :

 Work Experience

2000. 6 - Current Myongji University, Seoul, Korea
Professor, Department of Management Information Systems

Teaching the following courses to undergraduate students during 2020 Winter semester 

Management Informations 5002 (MTWTF 9:00-11:50)

Computer Programming 5003 (MTWTF 14:00-16:50)

Teaching the following courses to undergraduate students during  2020 Fall semester

Business Statistics 6064(MW 9:00-10:15)

1999.8 - 2000.5 University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas
Visiting Associate Professor, Division of Accounting and Information System

Taught the following courses to undergraduate MIS students

IS 3073 : Application Development
IS 4163: Advanced Programming Concepts
1998. 8 – 1999. 8 University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas
Visiting Associate Professor, Dept of MSIS

Taught the following required courses to undergraduate MIS students

Computer System Utilization in Business (MIS333K) : VB and Advanced Access
Applied Data Communications (MIS 373.2)
1996.3 – 1998.8 Myongji Univ. Seoul, Korea
Associate Professor, Dept of Management Information System

Taught the following courses to undergraduate and master students

Introduction to Management Information System
Computer Communications (Internet & Intranet)
C/C++ Programming Language
Data Base (Oracle)
Client/Server Computing
Applications of Current IT (Information Technology)
System developments experiences and research funds (some demo running)
Korean Enterprise and Stock Information System (in Korean yet)
1997.8 – 1998. 8, Funded by Korean Ministry of Information and communication (MIC) : $40K
Implemented on Apache Web Server, Oracle 7.3 DBMS, Java, JDBC, CORBA
3 Dimensional Shopping System 
1996.8 – 1997.5, Funded by Korean MIC : $ 30K
Implemented on Apache Web Server, VRML, Real Video Server
Multimedia Newspaper System 
1995.5 – 1996.4, Funded by Korean MIC: $50K
  1990.3 – 1996.2 Sung Kyun Kwan Univ.. Seoul, Korea
Assistant & Associate Professor, Dept of Management
  1989.11 – 1990. 2 Texas Instruments, Inc.. Austin, Texas
Software Engineer, ITG
  1981.3–1984.1 Ulsan University Ulsan, Korea
Lecturer, Dept of Industrial Engineering
Education 1985.8 – 1989. 12 Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana
Ph.D., Management Information System
Ph.D Thesis: "A User Interface Management System for Decision Support Systems"

1987.1–1988.5 Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana
Master, Computer Science

1984.1 – 1985.8 Texas Tech University Lubbock, Texas
MSBA in Management Information System

1979.3 – 1981.8 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Seoul, Korea
Master, Management Science

1975.3–1979.2 Seoul National University Seoul, Korea
Bachelor, Metallergical Engineering

Publication (International Journal only) S. Park, J. Yoon, Y. Yoon and K. Chon, "A Korean Language Support on 
the Internationalized X Window System, " Vol. , No. 1, The X Resource, June 1995

C. Holsapple, S. Park, A. Whinston, "Generating Structure Editor Interfaces for OR Procedure", ZOR - Methods and Models of Operations Research, June 1992

Interests User Interface, Window System, Internet, Distributed (Client/Server) System, Electronic Commerce, Application of IT(Information Technology), Software Industry
Programming Experience Expert on C, Xlib, Perl, Visual Basic, HTML, PASCAL, FORTRAN, COBOL
Familiar with C++, Motif, Java
Computer/System Experience UNIX(SUNOS 4.1.*, Solaris 2.*, Linux), Windows NT 4.0, Novell Netware 4.0
MS Access, Oracle 9.0
X 11(Xlib, Xt, Motif), MS Visual Basic, MS Visual C/C++
NCSA Web Apache Web, HTML, Ruby ASP, etc.